Lawn Installation

Is Your Lawn in Bad Shape?


Or Worse, No Shape At All?

LawnNoShape       LawnInstall

Whatever its condition Silver Mist can help.

We offer Seeding, Hydro Seeding, Sodding, and Topdressing services.


•    Cost efficient

•    Works great for small areas


•    Allows for a more even application

•    Is without weed seed contaminants

•    Doesn’t blow around your yard like straw does

•    Infusion of fertilizer  preps the seeds to successfully grow

•    Pre-emergent prevents weeds from growing/overtaking new grass seedlings.


•    Instant lawn

•    No mess

•    Hardier than seedlings


Does your lawn need of a face lift? Consider giving it a top dressing.
We will install a layer of amending soil for nutrients
and either seed or hydro seed for a beautiful new lawn.

•    Highly effective

•    Builds off of your existing lawn

Fix your lawn now!

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